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Garry’s Testimonial

Watch Garry’s Testimonial

Peter’s Testimonial

Watch Peter’s Testimonial

Learn about Garry’s dental implants story.

Paul’s Story

Paul suffered from a devastating dental situation. He was missing many of his natural teeth and his gums were severely receded. This made it difficult for him to eat. The appearance of his teeth also caused challenges in his social and professional life.

In just one day, Paul went from unsightly natural teeth to a beautiful smile. He considers his Teeth-in-a-Day treatment to be an absolute success.

“Yesterday,“I had the thrill of a lifetime; for the very first time in 30 years, I was able to bite into a whole apple.”

His permanent fixed implants have greatly improved his day-to-day life. Today, Paul enjoys dating and tango dancing with the help of his new smile.

Majdolina’s Story

For years, Majdolina believed there was no tooth replacement option for her besides conventional dentures. She was embarrassed to laugh for fear of losing her teeth. She missed “biting into a great steak, a fresh cob of corn or a crisp apple.” Majdolina also had a lot of discomfort in her mouth because the skin of her gums and her jawbone were irritated by the looseness of her denture.

After learning about permanent solutions for fixing dentures, Majdolina signed on for implants. She now enjoys a strongly secured and natural-looking smile with the help of three posts supporting her overdenture. Majdolina loves food again and shows off her denture with pride.

“I know there is no one solution to permanent dentures, so with my small mouth and bone structure, you certainly were challenged to find the perfect solution! Thank you Wade, for exploring all options and possibilities-virtually painlessly.”

MAJDOLINA    Mrs.-Majdolna-Szeman-Apr-24,-2013-214-PM-(8210)    Mrs.-Majdolna-Szeman-Apr-24,-2013-216-PM-(8214)

Becky’s Story

Like many in Calgary and Edmonton, Becky was convinced there was a better solution than conventional dentures. Losing her teeth at a relatively early age, she knew regular dentures would not fit into her active working and social life.

Becky turned to MyBite for helping her repair her smile. Today, she has a full set of permanent teeth implants with some added sparkle. She is successful and happy in her career and life and is so thankful for being given back her smile.

Mrs.-Becky-Ling-Jan-20,-2011-1052-AM-(4567) Mrs.-Becky-Ling-Jan-20,-2011-1052-AM-(4569)

Deanna’s Story

Deanna was devastated when she found out all of her teeth were going to be surgically removed. Having to decide how to move forward seemed like one of the scariest decisions of her life. She didn’t know what denturists were capable of.

“Thank you hardly seems like enough to say,”

Today, she glows with a bright smile, elegance and charm. With a little help from the MyBite team, Deanna was able to rapidly replace her natural teeth with a full set of dental implants. She’s not sure why she was ever afraid.

Mrs.-Deanna-Carwell-May-9,-2012-334-PM-(6525)    Mrs.-Deanna-Carwell-May-9,-2012-334-PM-(6521)--small

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