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Partial Implants

Many people who are missing several of their teeth can benefit from partial tooth implant solutions, or as Mybite likes to refer to them, fixed partial denture implants. Even missing one or two teeth can dramatically affect your appearance and dental health. Your teeth work together for many daily functions from eating to speaking, so teeth that are missing can and should be replaced. Fixed tooth implants are a permanent solution and a great way to restore your smile’s health and appearance.

The Partial Tooth Implant

Partial tooth implants are a permanent tooth replacement option that replaces two or more teeth. These fixed dental bridges are not removable like a flipper denture, and instead offer a more natural look and feel.

Advantages of Tooth Replacement at MyBite Calgary

Fixed implants offer many advantages over removable partial dentures:

  • Tooth implants don’t require support from adjacent natural teeth, keeping your natural teeth healthy
  • Implant tooth bridges are strong enough to support biting, so wearers can get back to enjoying their favorite foods
  • Tooth implants look and act like your natural teeth – no need to remove them during eating or talking
  • Partial tooth implants work with your jawbone, keeping the bone health and structure intact


The Tooth Implant Procedure

After a thorough consultation with a MyBite dental or denture implant specialist, the tooth implant procedure can begin. First, a small post is placed into the existing tooth socket, then false teeth are attached by screwing or cementing them into the implant base. Each tooth implant is firmly anchored and custom-shaped to restore your bite to its natural working order.

Learn more about our denture process.

After the tooth implants are inserted, you will leave our office with a fully integrated implant tooth replacement that looks and functions in perfect harmony with the rest of your teeth.

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