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Partial Dentures

Many people fear that tooth loss is irreparable. The absence of a few missing teeth—sometimes even just one—can negatively impact how you feel about yourself, how you interact with others, and how your mouth functions.

The Importance of Partial Dentures

Your bite is a complex puzzle that quickly loses strength and stability if a tooth is lost. For this reason, it’s vital to replace any missing teeth quickly, regardless if the tooth is in the front or back of your mouth. The pressures of chewing and talking can cause existing teeth to shift rapidly. Without a permanent or removable partial denture in place, your remaining teeth will drift into the empty space, causing even more unsightly spacing to open between other teeth. Ultimately, this movement affects your bite and cause problems when chewing.

Replacing missing teeth is easy and affordable at MyBite. We specialize in designing partial dentures that seamlessly blend-in with your natural teeth, including upper dentures and lower dentures. A removable partial denture will also protect your bite by correctly cushioning your mouth for normal wear and tear.

MyBite’s Removable Partial Denture Options

Combinations of metal and or Titanium and acrylic are generally considered the most comfortable style of dental partials. The lightweight precision-fit frame provides a strong base for acrylic teeth and gums and does not cover up as much of your oral tissue, increasing your ability to taste foods and feel different textures. Titanium frame partial dentures tend be most biocompatible with the oral tissues. These partial dentures are held in place by small metal devices that attach to your existing teeth. Ask us about the many designs available, some of which have no visible clasps and are virtually undetectable.


Thermoplastic or Flexible Partial Dentures

Some people find conventional partial dentures are too loose or uncomfortable to wear, particularly when eating. Others cannot tolerate an alloy or cast partial denture. In these cases we can supply you with flexible partial dentures. Designed to accommodate angled teeth, flexible partial dentures will fit perfectly with the parts of your mouth that many conventional hard plastic base dentures cannot. By working closely with the unique shape of your mouth, we will help you achieve a well-fitting, stable denture. Because of the flexible fit, no metal clasps are required. Flexible partial dentures look completely natural in your mouth and do not require denture adhesive to keep them in place.


Dental Flipper

A dental flipper is typically for short-term use because it tends to flip or move around in the mouth. This can cause discomfort and make dental flippers unsuitable for chewing. Despite the drawbacks, the dental flipper is quick to produce, lightweight and cost effective. They are typically fabricated to replace teeth right after extractions and can look very natural.

Which Partial Denture Option is Right for Me?

The stability of your existing teeth and personal preference will determine what partial denture style is best for you. Upper dentures are flesh colored and cover a portion of the roof of your mouth, like a retainer. Lower dentures are open in the middle to allow room for the tongue. Each custom-designed tooth is hand-placed onto the base of your choice for optimally completing your smile.

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