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Consultations & Exams

Our goal is to provide clients with the best, least invasive and most effective treatment options available. Coming in for a consultation or exam is the first step toward improving your smile and bite.

Visit Cost & Length

If you’ve never visited our MyBite offices before, you’re first consultation is free. These visits typically last around 30 minutes and allows us to assess your situation while talking with you about our denture solutions. Once you choose to proceed with treatment we will then complete a thorough exam to which normal fees apply.

She shedules an appointment every six months!

What To Expect

During your consultation, our dental and denture professionals will conduct an evaluation of your oral circumstances and discuss any treatments of interest to you. Together, we will review your relevant dental history, the goals you have for improving your bite and esthetics, and educate you on the option best suited for you. Our cozy chairs and caring staff will make sure that you are at ease and that you receive the information you need.
We will explain all of the particulars regarding cost breakdowns and procedure lengths. If you decide one of our treatments is right for you, paperwork and consent forms will be completed at the end of your visit.

Further Examination

Depending on the service you are seeking, x-rays or additional examinations may be necessary to fully assess your oral condition. If this is the case, we may conduct a complete exam at the same time as your consultation. We will alert you of appropriate costs and wait for your consent prior to administering any paid services.
We look forward to working with you and giving you your smile back.

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