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Denture Solutions

Fed up with your false teeth? Embarrassed by your smile? Are you looking for tooth replacement options that are more permanent, secure, comfortable and attractive? MyBite Denture and Implant Solutions proudly offers many types of dental implants and dentures made with exceptional professional craftsmanship. With MyBite’s personalized dental solutions, you will enjoy the freedom and confidence you deserve to bite, smile and laugh every day.

Tooth Replacement Options at MyBite


We offer a variety of different types of dentures unique to each of our client’s individual needs. From removable and non-removable dentures and bridges attached to implants, to conventional complete dentures and partial dentures, each of our false teeth options is customized to improve your personal comfort, appearance and oral health while meeting your financial needs.

Why Explore Different Types of Dentures?

False teeth are not just a simple teeth replacement. They improve your quality of life, leaving you feeling confident and self-assured. In addition to feeling better, conventional and implant dental solutions aide in chewing, speech and digestion, and even support your jaw for improved pronunciation and a more youthful appearance.

Reasons to Invest in Tooth Replacement Options:

  • Replace a few or all of your teeth
  • Resolve jaw or joint pain
  • Restore smile, improve chewing and speaking
  • Enhance or restore facial appearance
  • Upgrade conventional false teeth with modern types of dental implants

Eat comfortably, improve your appearance and most importantly, smile big, with the innovative dental solutions at MyBite.

Complete Dentures


We offer three types of conventional dentures:

  • Standard Economy
  • Complex Premium
  • Personalized Boutique
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Dental Implants


The various types of dental implants support fixed teeth replacement to create your new smile. Read more about how they can improve your quality of life.

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Partial Implants


Partial fixed implants, also known as mini dental implants, implant small sections of teeth permanently to restore your grin to as good as new.

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Partial Dentures


Only have a few teeth missing? Our partial tooth replacement options restore your smile and re-stabilize your bite.

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Dental Bridges


A dental bridge will replace your missing natural teeth and can often be used to replace a full arch of lost teeth.

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Teeth In a Day


Looking for a modern solution for teeth replacement? Experience the freedom of our Teeth-in-a-day solution.

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All on 4


Wanting an upgrade from conventional false teeth options? Learn more about our same day permanent teeth solution.

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Consultations & Exams


Let our denture solutions experts help find the best solution in getting your smile back with our most important offering: examinations and consultations

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