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Our Denture Process

We work closely with each of our clients to determine exactly which of our solutions will give them back their smile. Once their goal has been established, we work backwards designing a treatment plan from there. The satisfaction, comfort and success of our clients is our ultimate goal.


Traditional Dentures:

  1. An in-office consultation where we discuss your dental needs.
  2. On your next visit, preliminary impressions are taken of your mouth and diagnostic records completed on your bite.
  3. During the following appointment, you’ll get to “try-in” your teeth for adjustments. Some clients require multiple try-in and adjustment appointments.
  4. After you are completely happy with the look and fit, your full denture is processed and ready to be worn.

Implanted Dentures:

  1. Come into your local MyBite office for an initial consultation.
  2. On your next visit we will order the radiographs and other scans if needed to record every detail of your face and mouth.​
  3. Diagnostic wax models are created to establish exactly where we want to place the teeth. You come in for a “try-in” of your new smile and provide us with any necessary adjustments.
  4. Next the implants are surgically placed in your mouth. This procedure takes no more than half a day and can be as quick as one hour.
  5. After allowing the implant to heal and integrate with your natural bone and tissue, (3-6 months) the implant bridges or overdentures are ready to be connected in a simple, non-surgical procedure.
  6. Enjoy your beaming smile and easy-chewing lifestyle.

Teeth-In-A-Day & All-on-4

  1. Start with a consultation in our office.
  2. Next a rendering is made of your jaw and the placement of the implants is carefully planned.
  3. The Teeth in a day procedure takes anywhere from 1-3 hours. First any remaining teeth are removed than implants are inserted. Provisional Dentures are then snapped onto these posts and ready for use.
  4. After several weeks your permanent and custom set of teeth will be attached to the implanted posts.

Our denturists and technicians make all of our dentures in house and use implants from only the most internationally reputed companies.

Book a free consultation at MyBite to discuss our denture process and find a solution that works best for you.