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Denture Care & Cleaning

Dentures require just as much cleaning and care as normal teeth, and in some cases even more. While dentures are quite durable when moist and in your mouth, they are fragile when removed and exposed to dry air. Proper denture care and denture cleaning are essential in keeping your smile happy and healthy for many years.

Denture Care Tips

  • IMPORTANT: Always place soft padding beneath you when removing or cleaning dentures, as contact with hard surfaces may cause them to crack or chip. Always soak dentures when removed from your mouth for longer than a few minutes.
  • Damage: If your denture is damaged, call your denture centre immediately. Do not use a damaged denture.
  • Foods to avoid: Whole nuts are the most common food that cause issues with our client’s dentures. We recommend eating nuts in pieces or in combination with other soft foods.
  • Check-Ups: Regular check up exams are recommended for denture wearers. Due to the higher risk of gum disease and the inevitable change in shape of your jaw, its best to get checked regularly for preventative care. This ensures that if there is any development of disease, damage, or jaw tension, it will be noticed early.

Denture Cleaning Tips

  • When to Brush: Dentures should be cleaned after every meal and when removed in the evening. Cleaning dentures regularly prevents staining, removes food and plaque, and keeps your teeth tasting and smelling fresh.
  • Toothpaste: Abrasive toothpastes may scratch or weaken dentures. Your denturist will recommend the best type of denture cleaning products for your particular circumstances.
  • Remaining Natural Teeth: While cleaning dentures, it is very important to brush any remaining natural teeth, gums and your tongue before inserting your dentures. This prevents gum disease by removing plaque.
  • Metal Clips: If you have dentures attached with metal clips, paying special attention to cleaning denture clasps will be necessary to prevent tooth or gum decay.

Even the highest quality dentures eventually wear out. Either due to staining, wearing or your own bodily changes, the average lifespan of a denture is approximately five years.

If you have any questions or concerns about caring for or cleaning your dentures, please book an appointment with the denture care experts at MyBite.