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Dental Hygiene & Cleaning

Taking care of your teeth, especially teeth cleaning, is an important part of your overall health and wellness. Detecting and preventing serious problems early on will only benefit your quality of life. MyBite Calgary’s goal is to help clients maintain the best oral health possible, and for that reason, we have independent dental hygienist who offer teeth cleaning in Calgary.


Get Great Dental Hygiene in Calgary

MyBite offers friendly and caring teeth cleaning and dental hygienist services for everyone. All hygiene services are performed by an Independent Registered Dental Hygienist. Cleaning teeth takes about an hour and is completed by a registered independent dental hygienist. X-rays or other examination tools may also be used to ensure the integrity of your oral health.

The Benefit of Independent Dental Hygiene Services

Independent Dental Hygienist do not work under the umbrella of a dental office, and therefore are able to provide the same certified services, without the added cost of visiting a dentist. The Independent Dental Hygienist at MyBite offers services for both denture and non-denture wearers. For denture and dental implant wearers, regular dental cleaning and checkups are just as important. While your “teeth” may not necessarily need tending, gums and oral tissues are considerably more delicate and at risk for disease. The benefit of having your teeth cleaned at MyBite allows you to have denture or implant adjustments done at the same time. Along with your natural teeth, dental implants, dentures on implants, and bridges on implants require professional dental cleanings.
Book an appointment with a MyBite Calgary dental hygienist for a teeth cleaning today.