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Custom Mouthguards

Professionally made dental mouth guards offer the highest level of protection for both professional and amateur athletes. A dental mouth guard is proven to better protect your jaw, tongue, and cheeks while preventing dental traumas such as fractured teeth, grinding and tooth loss. Athletes who play contact sports, or who may have accidental impacts with hard surfaces most frequently use dental mouth guards.

Benefits of A Dental Mouth Guard

When compared to store-bought mouth guards, professional dental mouth guards are much more comfortable, resistant to tears, and easier to clean. Most importantly, dentist made mouthguards are thin, meaning that they won’t obstruct your breathing or speech like many store-bought varieties.

Custom Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, is a common occurrence during sleep for many people. While occasional grinding and clenching can come and go, habitual or stress bruxism can cause serious long term damage to your teeth, jaw joints, and nerves. The enamel of your teeth can be worn down leading tooth pain, and the excessive force generated during grinding can cause wear and tear on your jaw joints.

A custom night guard (also known as a dental night guard or occlusal guard) repositions your jaw to and effectively keeps teeth from grinding. Our custom made mouth guards are thinner and lighter than store bought verities. Their light weight makes them more comfortable to wear and even allow you to talk freely with the guard in. We will custom fit your guard to ensure maximum comfort. Your custom night guard should be used regularly for the best results possible.

MyBite’s Dental Mouth Guard Process

Your MyBite custom dental mouth guard will be made using professional techniques and the latest technologies. First an accurate model or impression of your teeth is taken. Then the pro-form material is vacuum formed down onto the model of your teeth. This creates a perfectly accurate protective barrier that fits very comfortably in your mouth.

Like any dentist mouth guard, MyBite’s custom dental mouth guards are made to cover upper teeth. If you wear braces or another type of fixed dental appliance on your lower jaw, a dental guard for your lower teeth may also be necessary.

Book an appointment at MyBite today to get a custom dental mouth guard.