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Emergency Denture Repair

If you have an urgent need to repair your dentures or adjust ill-fitting dentures, come in to a MyBite location for same-day emergency denture repairs. With a dental laboratory and technician on-site or at a nearby office, we can help you get fast and effective denture repairs or denture relines immediately. We know getting your dentures to fit without discomfort is important, and that’s why we work diligently and closely with you to get your denture feeling just right with our denture reline and adjustment services.

We Specialize in Emergency Denture Repair

Emergency denture repair and adjustments are some of the most routine services we offer. MyBite produces all of our dentures in our in-house lab, allowing us to make any denture repair or denture reline quick, easy, and affordable.

Three of the most common emergency denture repairs include:

1.   Denture Reline

A reline of dentures is an adjustment made to improve the fit. It typically requires the surface of the dentures that comes in direct contact with the soft oral tissues of the mouth be resurfaced. This repair procedure helps to fill any gaps that may have been created over time between your dentures and the tissues in your mouth – the shape of your mouth, including the bone structure and gum tissues do change over time. It is important to adjust and reline dentures regularly as it is completely normal for a denture’s fit to alter over time as your tissue and bone structure shrink.  A denture reline repair can help tighten the grip between your dentures and your oral tissues so that you can more confidently bite, chew, talk and smile.

2.   Denture Rebase

If your denture is old and cracked, but the teeth are still in good shape, a rebase may be required. Denture rebase is similar to a reline, but a rebase will replace the whole pink-acrylic denture base material and not just the lining. This repair is often necessary when denture teeth become damaged or broken and compromise the strength of the dentures. The only portion of the dentures that is not replaced during an emergency denture rebase is the teeth.

3.   Sore Spots

Sore spots under your dentures can be the result of several things. As the shape of your mouth changes over time, your denture alignment can become altered and may no longer fit properly against your gums, resulting in areas of pressure that create sore spots on the soft tissues of your mouth. Over time, dentures may also become too large for your gums and you may experience discomfort. Finally, localized sore spots may be related to an inaccurate “bite,” which may cause the dentures to shift and put unequal pressure on the gums. All these conditions can be remedied by coming into a nearby MyBite office where our denturists are specially trained to re-model dentures or make custom impressions if necessary to deliver to you the best fit possible.

When emergency denture repair is required for pain, discomfort, breakage or chips in your dentures, contact MyBite for often same day or next day solutions. Avoid further complications and ensure that your dentures fit and function as they should.

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